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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 31, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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district says unfortunately this type of situation is not uncommon. i'm christie smith. i'll have that story coming up. and the federal government tells pg&e what needs to change. now he's going to pay for it. we'll have details on that coming up. a live look at the bay bridge. wednesday, hump day, august 31st. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. 5:00 already. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning, everybody. i'm jon kelley. it is the last day of august, let's check in on our last day of august weather with christie loren. good morning. >> good morning. it's going to feel cooler than we typically see at the end of august. we have a real treat on the coast, you just saw a live picture of the bay bridge. can you actually see for 10 miles in the city of oakland. we do fog up in the north bay.
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we're talking about a fog-free day tomorrow and dry conditions today. that fog is going to clear out of the bay area rapidly. we'll tell you when coming up. right now let's get you out that front door with mike inouye. >> like the fog, construction crews clearing out. i wanted to show folks eastbound 80 heading away from the bay bridge, most of that construction cleared. getting onto eastbound is there use alternate. tough drive from cardenas to toll plaza yesterday. watch it today. shell shock from that one. >> sounds good. thank you, mike. right now we are following an amber alert out of hollister this morning. >> deputies are hoping for tips on the whereabouts of a teenager girl who they believe was abducted by their father. they think the pair may be heading to san mateo. 13-year-old cristina ramirez snatched from her home yesterday afternoon. officers say she's 4' tall, 85
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pounds, plaque hair and brown eyes of she was last seen wearing a school uniform, a white polo shirt and blue skirt. deputies say her father is 34-year-old marcelo ramirez last seen driving a white honda odyssey with license plate 3w, an 638. it has rear tinted windows with a coast auto insurance sticker on the rear window. if you see the car, call police. two lockdowns in two days at oakland schools. the real trouble is it's not all that uncommon. christie smith joins us live from oakland with a look at the situation this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. we're at the oakland school district offices. school just started this week. it's time to be excited to go back to class. already parents have gotten a tough lesson in school lockdowns. as you said, two in two days. not necessarily what's going on at the schools but what's doing on around them. unfortunately, like you said, a district spokesperson is saying
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this is not totally uncommon. but teachers are well trained and they know what to do. just yesterday it was quite a scene as a s.w.a.t. team surrounded an east oakland home where police say five armed robbery suspects barricaded themselves inside. this caused horace man elementary school to go on lockdown. 350 kids spent their second day of classes inside. for parents, as you can imagine, it was really unsettling. they raced to the school but were kept outside. >> i have a kinder. kindergartenner. i know it's for the safety because i used to work for the school district but it's still scary. >> reporter: now, a spokesperson for the district says parent were notified of the exit plan by afternoon. these lockdowns can happen weekly sometimes at oakland schools. not always because of an
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imminent threat, they really want to make sure everyone feels safe in class. when violence goes up on the streets in oakland, schools are impacted, too. that's what we have from here. i'll send it back to you guys in the studio. >> you can understand the parents' fear. mendocino sheriff detectives trying to figure out if the killing of two respected land managers are the work of the same person. the men were shot and killed this moment as they worked in mendocino forest and ranch land. councilman patrolled for a private company. he was shot looking for a possible marijuana garden. 45-year-old matthew coleman a public land steward and he was found shot next to his car. witnesses identified the man who shot him as 35-year-old man. san francisco's biggest gang trial in years has come to an end. six of the seven gang members on the trial were convicted yesterday of engaging in
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organized crime and conspiring to commit murder. three were found guilty of committing three murders in san francisco in 2008. one defendant was acquitted of all charges. defense attorneys are filing motions for new trial. the men will be sentenced in november. the report is in and now final tore action. as we've been reporting the ntsb issued a scathing report of pg&e's explosion response procedures following the san bruno blast. "today in the bay's" damian trujillo live in the newsroom with the information on who gets to foot the bill. damian. >> seems like the little guy, trickles down to him. ntsb made a series of recommendations, 29 of them. those recommendations spared few people or agencies, including cpuc. it even had some points for the governor's office. in a nut shell ntsb said it was a systemic failure that caused a huge explosion and aftermath in san bruno last year.
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ten of the recommendations are for pg&e. among them install shutoff valves on transmission lines in high consequence areas, install realtime leak detection equipment, dramatically improve recordkeeping of operations and procedures and implement comprehensive emergency response procedures. the price tag for all of this is not cheap. the final figure isn't in yet. reports of upgraded pipelines alone will cost $2 billion and that this is expected to hit rate payers by $2 extra dollars a month on the bill. as of this morning pg&e is not dispute the findings. >> what we're really focused on is how can we take and learn from what the experiences are and what their facts are they found and integrate them into how we evaluate our pipeline and make sure that it's safe. >> reportedly will hire 90 new engineers to overhaul the
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pipelines which run roughly 5800 miles. the utility hired a top executive who will solely be in charge of gas lines. congresswoman jackie spears says in the end the region will have the safest pipelines in the country, thanks mostly to rate payers. i'm damian trujillo, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. that trickle down effect. >> 5:07 right now. cooler temperatures may hit you when you walk out the door. >> not going to really hit you and bite you in the face this morning but you'll probably notice a difference. that's good, though, we want comfort, join the beautiful weather. mild august, concluding the month of august with another mild day and getting a treat right at the coast. we're going to see some clear conditions as of today. early, an early clear start in the city of san francisco. tomorrow morning completely clear conditions. the reason why high pressure is blocking the second ridge -- second trough of low pressure that's trying to get in here.
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so basically it's sucking up these northerly winds. those dry northerly winds are capable of clearing us out rapidly. as we head throughout the day today, i'm thinking 9:30, 10:00, clear conditions in the city of san francisco. what's also happening if it's kicking up dangerous waves. as we head through the next few days, strong swells in the beaches. that means stinson beach, twin lakes in santa cruz. you want to take it easy. because of the clear conditions you'll want to hit the beach. your best bet, swim with a buddy or hit one of the guarded beaches for your safety. as we head to the next three days that will be case. clear conditions from san francisco south to redwood city. we're expecting fog but it won't hang around long. the live picture of the bay bridge looking crisp this morning. that's a good indicator we're on track. 70 in oakland. we do start to warm up through the next couple weeks.
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how warm it's expected over the weekend. right now get to you work if that's where your headed. >> some folks clearing freeways overnight continuing overnight work. debris off the rich manned centerfield bridge is clear because of these folks right around sir st. francis drake off-ramp, reports of ramp lanes. southbound direction of san pedro toward 580, no major slowing because of that. a smooth drive across the bridge. once you get to the richmond side, see this slowdown over the last five minutes. i circled toward the freeway. no incidents for the area. in fact construction further south at university, that is cleared as well. we do watch construction zone as you headed fish ranch road off-ramp closed until possibly 6:00 a.m. because of continued work on that four they are building. that clear view christina talking about see the city lights. great stuff.
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>> thanks, mike. 5:09 right now. an arsonist admit to burning millions of dollars worth of wine, then changes his mind. still ahead he's trying to take back that guilty plea. >> laura, that package you've been waiting for. hurricane irene probably delayed it a few more days. how shipping companies are coping with the aftermath of the storm. taking a live look outside, should be a lot more clear out o c g as yro the golden gate bridge or other places in the bay area. pretty nice temperatures.
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and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪ there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. welcome back, everyone. a good wednesday morning to you, 5:12 now. u.s. general petraeus hangs up one hat for another. stepping down from the army.
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the retirement ceremony will be held at virginia's ft. myers today. he's said to be sworn in next week for his new post as head of the cia. as the top commander in iraq, petraeus was dubbed king david for turning around what seemed like a losing battle. no shocker here, flooding from hurricane irene is creating headaches for shipping companies. fedex says dangerous road conditions and power outages are hampering its ability to pick up and deliver packages. to avoid the problem, fedex suggests check with them to see if they are delivering to a particular area at this point. most delays are from the east coast. however, those issues may cause a backlog in other parts of the country as well. the price of gold soaring. in some countries it sent people digging through closets and drawers and under sofas and anywhere they can just to find anything that can be sold. in japan customers bringing in everything from old jewelry to, get this, gold teeth. that's right. take your grill in. gold prices hit record highs in japan for several months in a
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row. so far in august, the price is up 14% as investors flock to the precious metal and away from other markets. >> stay away from my gold tooth. it is 5:13 right now. at&t promising more jobs for americans and banks are lending a helping hand to victims of hurricane irene. nor more on that and news before the bell let's turn to courtney regan live from cnbc headquarters. >> reporter: good morning, wall street could continue winning ways if futures hold higher, that's where we are ahead of the opening bell. small gains eked out, so we did end the day positively. investors were able to shrug off the disappointing drop in consumer confidence. it dropped because it was taken right around the time the debt ceiling debate going on and downgrade from s&p. americans are probably a little angered and understandably not so confident about the u.s. economy. now, today we'll get the first of three key reports on jobs for
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the week. it should be out in just moments. the adp report, the one that tracks the private sector, forecast calling for companies who added 100 jobs this month. down on manufacturing and factory orders. dow rose 20 points to 11,559. nasdaq up 14 points to 2576. thanks to stepping up to help victims like hurricane irene, chase waving overdraft fees, letting customers skip payments and low cost loans to relief the burden. made available in areas where the state of emergency is declared but doesn't always cover all the costs. at&t promising to bring back 5,000 call center jobs to the u.s. if regulators sign off a $39 billion deal to buy t-mobile. they are occurrence outsourced to other countries. the companies have a combined total of 25,000 call centers.
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won't result for losses on the payroll if and when the deal closes. i'm looking over right now. looks like our payrolls, they rose for the 21st straight month. i'm sorry, i don't have the exact number but hopefully good news. >> we'll check back with you again. thank you very much, courtney. right now we have breaking news, word from the amber alert out of hollister. the sheriff had been looking for 13-year-old cristina ramirez they say had been snatched from her home by her father. we now understand the car they are looking for has been recovered and police tell us ramirez is now safe. >> good. >> we're working on getting more information on how and where she was found and what's happening with her father. we'll of course get that to you as soon as information becomes available on though story. >> that information literally coming in. the good news, as you mentioned, she is safe. also good news when it comes to the forecast. >> yeah, we've got a great looking day setting up, especially if you're joining us
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at the coast this morning. taking a live look at the golden gate bridge, looking good through here this morning. we do have some fog especially up in the north bay. that might slow you down as we head through the next couple of hours. we're not expecting it to last all that long. and as we head throughout the afternoon tomorrow and tomorrow morning, we're talking about completely clear starts. all right. i dug the mike out of my shirt. i'm not going to pretend it wasn't happening. so we've got high pressure to our southeast. an area of low pressure off to our north. this had a trough with it, cold front, weak trough that came through the area. that is able, this setup enables this dry northerly wind to come through the bay area. that's actually going to keep you nice and clear at the coast at 7:00 a.m. set this in motion, show you what we're expecting, clear from san francisco south down the peninsula. we do have fog up in the north bay. this fog could become a little bit on the thick side in places like santa rosa and napa. watch for that. otherwise looking good.
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future cast shows you as we head through tomorrow morning start out completely clear. the fog clears at 10:00 a.m. set this in motion. keep it running all the way until 3:00 a.m. thursday and the clear day setting up for the bay area. so if you're someone who is wanting to get outside in san francisco, looking for vitamin d, you're going to get it, today and toll. temperatures inland 77 in san jose, 85 gilroy, 75 in san francisco. the seven-day outlook, a holiday weekend and we have that forecast. let's get you to work first with mike. >> auto a look to the roadways, south bay looking nice, a little slowing on 880 both directions just around san jose. no incidents reported through the area but we might have some overnight construction crews that have cleared. we had construction here. that might be the reason crews are clearing from the area. 237 has construction at matilda, 17, big backups out of the santa cruz mountains because of late paving work. sounds like all crews are
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cleared from los gatos, crews south of the summit. now as we move over to the east bay livermore drive. a 14-minute drive out of the altamont pass in your commute direction. a disabled vehicle we've been watching eastbound, out of lanes. it is there still watching that on the chp report no big whoop through the dublin interchange, great stuff, easy drive toward the maze. caldecott has construction at the fish ranch road, potentially another 45 minutes as folks are clearing from the area. this slowdown cleared around san rafael bridge. live shot at oakland, look at the volume, great stuff here. keep that in mind for your oakland commute. jon, back to you. this morning a stalled hearing should finally get under way for a wine collector charged with torching millions of dollars worth of bottles. chief investigators and former attorney will testify in front of a federal judge.
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62-year-old anderson accused of burning a wine warehouse in 2005 destroyed some $200 million worth of wine. laura, that's a lot of grapes. anderson initially pleaded guilty to arson and other charges in a plea deal but later took it back blaming his attorney for bad preparation and advice. today the judge will decide if the plea deal should stand. >> it is 5:20 right now. coming up south bay schools want drivers to slow down even more. why the city council might adjust the speed limit in your neighborhood. >> plus a warning for college students. why doctors are worried about the spread of germs in dorms. some american companiestale their ceos.
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we will name names coming up. s
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welcome back to "today in the bay." you are looking live at the bay
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bridge. looks like traffic isn't too bad, still early. check in with mike. the weather 5:22. >> here are some tips for college freshmen as you start your new student life. be careful in the dorms. you risk being exposed to diseases even in the cleanest environments. stringent personal hygiene is exactly what epidemiologists recommends. a lot of diseases in a college dorm are spread from person-to-person including diseases like mono, the kissing disease. experts are most concerned about things like meningitis spread by coughing, sneezing, sharing drinks and utensils as well as sexually transmitted diseases. the cdc reports 25% of u.s. college students are infected with stds. binge drinking or sleep deprivation can lower the body's ability to fight disease. a new weapon in the fight against lung cancer comes with a
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hefty price tag. tests show the drug can relief coughing and shortness of breath in 5% of lung cancer patients. it's prescribed to patients who are usually nonsmokers and have a specific protein on cancer cells. they say it works wonders. >> to someone who has been on chemo and i am no longer on chemo, this is a miracle. >> miracle maybe but not a cure. many patients in clinical trials have had several good years but eventually the truck stopped working. as for the cost, pfizer charges patients $115,000 a year. reports this morning software giant oracle under investigation under suspicion sales people paid bribes to officials. >> it's illegal under american law to pay a kickback or other money to government officials from a foreign company or government owned company. "the wall street journal" says
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the fbi has been conducting a criminal investigation under the foreign corrupt practices act. now, why oracle is based in redwood shores the crimes most likely would have been committed overseas. the alleged bribery took place in western africa where such practices are not uncommon and has been a challenge for american comes who are not supposed to participate in what's become a common business practice. hewlett-packard says it's going to make more touch pads, the same touch pads it killed earlier this month. they were selling to well after the price was reduced so they will make more. it's estimated they lose $200 on each touch pads. we'll talk more about this in a bit. a new study by the liberal leaning institute for public policy says a number of companies like verizon paid their ceos more money than they paid in taxes. in verizon's case, the company made $11 billion in profit. their company, the ceo, rather,
5:26 am
got $18 million in pay, but verizon got a tax refund. this according to the study. among the other companies which paid more to their ceos than the government, international paper, prudential, general electric, part owner of this tv station, bank of new york melon, boeing, toolmaker stanley plaque and decker, cheese peek energy, ebay, verizon. it's not illegal. you try to pay as it is as possible and the tax code said up that way but it's weird. >> we need to work on getting that. you, too, ceo on our business tags. >> more pay, lower taxes. >> back to you. >> it's not on yours. thanks. it's 5:26. still to come on "today in the bay," job seibers in the bay area getting another chance to put their resumes out. we'll tell you where a job fair is happening today. plus a san francisco attorney heads back to the
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courtroom today as a defendant. the charges he faces coming up. and if you're sick of the glooml, dreary, low cloud cover, a couple of fog free dachlts your forecast is on the way. >> f iwinglotol thay.lore c t at the caldecott tunnel. i'll give you the latest developments there. a note for folks heading into the city
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♪call 1-800-steemer. a change of management at b.a.r.t. who is expected to fill the top spot. cool new ways to keep your private pictures private, even on the internet. a quick live look outside, a gorgeous crispy morning, august
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31st, this is "today in the bay." good morning to you and thanks so much for joining us. 5:29, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. to check on that crispy weather we have christina loren to tell us about it. >> like taking a bite out of a dorito. it's really crispy out there, mostly to the south of san francisco. north bay we're talking mostly clear, not completely clear. tomorrow morning fog-free conditions over the bay area. we're looking towards a gorgeous thursday. today that fog is going to clear out before 10:00 a.m. so what that means for our forecast is comfortable conditions, clear conditions. they won't last long. then we warm up substantially. your forecast coming up at 5:30. let's check your drive with mike. >> a little better for folks out of marin, caldecott tunnel, closure for off ramps at fish ranch and caldecott lane access. that has cleared from the bore and the bores are clear as well. a nice drive into the city. a note if you're heading into
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the city giants are playing at 12:45, midday combined with lunch time traffic. give folks that extra warning, allow that extra time or use it for your excuse. >> tips from mike. thank you very much. we continue to follow breaking news as we told you minutes ago. an amber alert out of san med ino county has been found. police found cristina ramirez and thankfully she's safe. she had been missing since yesterday afternoon. her father marcelo is accused of taking her. no word on what's happening with him. we'll continue to follow the story and update you as more information comes into the newsroom. the report is scathing and the recommendation will have a dramatic impact on rate pairs. ntsb pointing directly at pg&e and state and federal regulators for that devastating san bruno explosion last year. fixing the problem of course going to cost a lot of money.
5:32 am
damian trujillo live in the newsroom to break it down. good morning, damian. >> reporter: the final bill isn't in but reports it will cost roughly $2 billion to upgrade the pipelines. when something like that happens, it's passed onto rate payers. they will have to fork over $2 dollars each month to help pg&e pay for past mistakes. 29 recommendations, 10 of which fall on the shoulders of the utility. they include installing shutoff valves on transmission lines in high consequence areas. install realtime leak detection equipment. dramatically improve recordkeeping of operations and procedures and implement comprehensive emergency response procedures. now, as of this morning, pg&e is not disputing the ntsb findings and peninsula congresswoman jackie spears says when all is said and done few regions will be safer. >> in the pg&e region we're
5:33 am
going to have the safest system around. the cpuc was awakened. it was a regulator in name only. it was a rubber stamp. >> reporter: the gate reports pg&e will hire 90 engineers to overhaul the system's pipeline and it will hire a senior executive whose sole job will be to oversee those gas lines. federal regulators also got part of the blame, even the governor's office is faced with some recommendations. these recommendations, however, are not binding. no one has said they will not follow them. i'm damian trujillo, back to you guys in the studio. >> damian, thanks very much for that update. it continues on air and online as well. go to, click on san bruno. be sure to tune in for nbc bay area news report called san bruno remembrance and recovery. this one airs live a week from friday at 4:00 p.m. that day also marking the one-year anniversary of the explosion.
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it is 5:33 right now. san francisco attorney accused of raping three women he met on craigslist will be in court this morning. robert michael hoffman is scheduled to attend a preliminary hearing today. hoffman's attorney says his client met the women on craigslist after advertising himself as a dominant male seeking sub missive women. the ads used violent language like, i want to hit you and i want you to cry. after a tumultuous few months b.a.r.t. expected to name a new general manager. during a session they are expected to appoint grace as head of the agency, former chief of department of transportation and one-time employee in from the clinton's administration. she would replace dorothy dugger who was pressured to resign in april. you might have to let off the gas a little driving near
5:35 am
your kids' school. san jose is looking at whether they should lower speed zones. bob redell. >> reporter: one of just a few schools in san jose that already has a 15 miles an hour school speedzone limit but soon the rest of the schools could be following suit. you might not realize this but nationwide a third of the people killed by cars are kids biking and walking. most of the time they are by schools, which is one reason why san jose councilman has proposed dropping the standard 25 miles an hour school zone speed limit citywide by 10 miles an hour, so it would be bringing everyone down to 15 miles an hour. when you're hit by a car going 30 miles an hour. you only have a 50% chance of survival. when the car is 20 miles an hour your chances of surviving jump significantly to 85%. this all according to a national organization called safe routes to school. you can imagine how much better the odds are if the car is 15
5:36 am
miles an hour. today a committee will consider the proposal before possibly moving onto the full city council. san francisco lowered its speed limits around public and private schools. that's part of a city effort up there to reduce the number of people hit, hurt and killed by cars. the idea, they are trying to reduce the number by 50% within 10 years. laura. >> thank you very much, bob. time now for a quick check on the weather. christina loren is going to tell us cool and warmer later. >> a man who listens to the weather woman. good morning to you. we're looking pretty good this morning. we have clear conditions south of daly city. i'm going to go ahead and play it safe and say south of half moon bay gets socked in this time of the morning. but redwood city clear through san jose, clear conditions right now. as we head throughout the morning, the very, very thin marine layer that we do have out there, it's going to dissipate quickly. so what we're expecting as we
5:37 am
head throughout the day today, a pretty good drop-off in temperature, 1 to 2 degrees, coupled with those clear conditions, people are going to want to hit the beach. this is what's dangerous about that. we've got northerly winds. that's what's bringing in the dry air mass clearing us out. northerly winds bringing in some very dangerous south swells. if you are going to be hitting the beach, you want to play it really, really safe. first of all the water is extremely cold. be ready for that. also dangerous risks of rip currents as we head through saturday tarting today as this new pattern shaped up over the bay area. keep that in mind, take a buddy, swim in a guarded beach if you're brave enough to go in the water. clear conditions, that's the big weather story, a little fog in the north bay. our temperatures are comfortable. your day planner shows you. 77 degrees. at noon comfortable conditions livermore 84. let's check your drive with mike. >> christina we'll take you to
5:38 am
antioch, highway 54, typical suspect at 5:00, slowing. starting just about verizon, l street for that 40 miles per hour sensor. there's the kick in for the east bay commute. carquinez bridges, no delays, construction, connector from highway 4 to eastbound 80 has cleared. slowdown from carquinez down to toll plaza. we'll continue to follow this carefully. the toll plaza shows you how light. starting to see headlights at the bottom of the screen. no slowing. visibility great because you can see east shore freeway across the scene. lights in the distance. >> very nice. >> that's why it's great going to work early, smooth sailing. >> that's the perk. >> yes. feel good about being here right now. >> 5:38. giants brandon bell has a namesake for his popular nickname baby giraffe. >> good looking kid. >> isn't that cool?
5:39 am
this is brandon. they named him, the actual giraffe. he was born last friday. at five days old he's already 6'2", just three inches shorter than the giants outfielder. eventually he's going to top 18 feet, the giraffe, not belt. they are expected to meet for the first time this week. administrators hope to convince him giraffes are majestic and graceful and his nickname is a great compliment. >> that's pretty cool. >> the shot. i like the fact they were striking the same pose. the time 5:39, fema officials move in to assess the damage irene left behind. already forecasters have their eye on a new storm in the atlantic. next. plus presidential candidates are putting the focus on jobs today. why they say their plans will
5:40 am
work. live look outside, oakland, white lights and red lights fairly smooth flowing. more traffic and news up. >> for the latest news, traffic and weather and conversation, come find us on facebook at nbc
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bay area. blan
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welcome back, everyone. live look outside golden gate bridge this morning. pretty good visibility throughout the bay area today. nice temperatures as well. we'll check the forecast coming up. 5:42 right now. >> president obama giving a speech today to push congress to support the jobs plan he's putting out next week. and of course his republican rivals are out and about as well sharing their own ideas for job growth. "today in the bay's" tracie potts live in washington this morning. tracie, question is what's the message now from the candidates? >> reporter: the message now from the candidates, we've got to do something about the jobless rate in the country.
5:43 am
we'll have an update friday. doesn't look good. .1% or around there for sometime now. today we'll hear from jon huntsman. he's rolling out his plan that includes tax reform. we've heard from rick perry, the number one state job in the country as governor of texas. he called last night president obama's policies dumb. the president speaks today in the rose garden. he'll be there with his secretary of transportation and with the president of his jobs council. this is a message to urge congress to do something about the infrastructure bill that's been sitting here on capitol hill for a while, building roads and bridges, which the president says could create, along with other policies, up to a million jobs. he's going to lay out more details next week on his plan but we understand he's going to push for more unemployment insurance and more payroll taxes as well. >> the president has been blaming sluggish market on fallout from the recession. how long is that going to hold
5:44 am
up on this early campaigning? >> well, you know, it's a good question. the president said himself last night in an interview on tom joyner show on radio, this may end up being a referendum on who has the better vision for the country. his opponents say his record on jobs. pushing for payroll taxes, pushing for another payroll tax cut. we had one last year and pushing to extend that into next year. >> tracie potts from d.c., thank you very much. 5:34, oakland holding a career fair. more than 20 major ploirls be at county of alameda training and education center. they will try to fill hundreds of job openings. among employers, berkeley, delta, dental, ucsf. today's event runs from 11:00 to 3:00. it's free. dress to impressive in business
5:45 am
attire and bring your resume. good luck to you. this morning the head of fema plans to tour states hit hardest by irene. fema administrator craig fugate and secretary of homeland security janet napolitano will head to new york and new jersey today. they will get a firsthand look at the recovery and response efforts meeting with local leaders, responders and volunteers out there. as of this morning 3 million without power. category 1 hurricane killed 43 people across 11 states. hurricane irene may be long gone. the flooding it left behind continues to cause major problems in some cities. about a dozen towns in southern vermont are accessible by land. national guard helicopter starting to take food and water into those towns cut off by flood damaged roads and washedout bridges. yesterday early estimates put
5:46 am
damage from irene at $7to $10 billion. forecasters tracking tropical storm katia expected to strengthen into a hurricane today. making its way west from cape verdict islands. forecasters say a little too soon to tell if it will hit the u.s. they will keep their eye on that. >> everything i'm looking at, though, boy, i've been watching this one. i really love tropical weather. everything i'm looking at right now, and it is long-term. we're looking at the long range models at this point. it is hooking that system back to sea without making an american landfall. i always post those updates on facebook page. if you have friends and family on the east coast and want to watch what tropical weather is doing check my facebook page, we'd love to have you. good morning, nice weather shaping up oin our neck of the woods. we are talking about two of the best days in the city of san francisco that we've had in at least a month and a half. that's how long it's been since we had a clear start in san francisco. we're going to get a clear start tomorrow.
5:47 am
not completely clear this morning but you saw from the live picture of the bay bridge you can see for at least eight miles. pretty rare for this time of the morning. clear conditions, mostly south of san francisco along the peninsula. nice and clear already in san jose. livermore looks good as well. we do have fog up in the north bay. the usual suspect, santa rosa. watch out for pretty thick fog up there. it's not doing to last long. we set future cast in motion, 10:00 a.m., that cloud cover sliding to the south. you're going to get clear conditions probably up in santa rosa by about i'd say 9:30, 10:00 today. we keep running that future cast through 3:00 a.m. thursday. can you see here completely clear conditions. we're going to get a clear night in the city if you want to star gaze, break out the telescope. 65 at 7:00 a.m. as you make your way to work. inland temperatures for today. as we head through the remainders of the week nice and comfortable through friday. a big holiday weekend on tap. temperatures will warm up. yeah, feel a little more like summer as we head through
5:48 am
sunday, monday, tuesday. we continue to warm up as we head through the end of next week. if you've been waiting for hot weather, we've got it for you. it's coming. check your drive, see what's coming at you in that department. >> waiting for the slow drive, i got it. right here, christina. not as many people looking for that. highway 4, 24 miles an hour registered on the speed sensors. one report to the next, just 10 minutes. we have a 16 miles per hour difference lowering through the area, slowing through antioch. no problem through baypoint, concord holding up nicely. 680 through walnut creek. late in the commute accident causing backups. smooth drive towards the dublin interchange, slowing out of the altamont pass. 16 minute drive coming into livermore. time to time blips here along the interchange as people head downtown and sunol as well. 580 castro valley close to the limit through there, 238 and 580 nice drive there. onto the san mateo bridge, a
5:49 am
smooth flow of traffic. get a look and see what it's like. clear view and live look at the san mateo bridge shows you the same nice drive across. lights in the distance, good steady flow both directions from the peninsula and over to the peninsula, picking up here as well as 880, volume kicking in here northbound with taillights, southbound with headlights, no incidents for the nimitz freeway. that's a rare treat. picking up the volume. get out there if you have to. >> thanks very much. 5x 49, employee from giants office out of a job accused of embezzling more than a million dollars from players. this is a photo of giants payroll accountant robin o'connor taken from her linked in profile. they fired her after the investigation. she applied for a loan to buy a home in san diego. the loan application says o'connor was given two huge bonuses amounting to more than
5:50 am
$300,000 for her role in helping gines win 2010 world series. bank of america wanted confirmation but the phone number listed on the letter didn't direct the bank to giants human resources. instead the number rang o'connor's desk. that's when the investigation began. >> are you mr. o'connor? >> we went to the o'connor home in american canyon speaking to a man walking outside but he had no comment to those allegations. >> that is a crazy story. this is a very cool one. i love this. an arkansas man catching quite a sight the first time he ever went up in an airplane. take a look at this. he and his pilot friend ended up catching crooks who were breaking into his own house. now, the pilot's friend spotted the men at the house loading up air conditioners and strap metal. he felt helpless from the airplane. check this out, he decided i've got a cell phone, calls 911. by the time the sheriff's deputies and police arrived the
5:51 am
two men had taken off. never fear, from the air, lynn was on their tail and he helped deputies catch up with them. >> that's cool. >> very cool. good thing he didn't have a flight attendant smacking his hand, get rid of that phone, turn offer your cell phone. >> 5:50 right now. coming up head of the san francisco archdiocese hospitalized. we'll update you on his condition. the homeowner that attacked a man with a gun to save his ly he tells his story. we'll hear electric him coming up. hewlett-packard decides to ?
5:52 am
we'll take a look.
5:53 am
welcome back, everybody. the time now is 5:53. a richmond man who tried to protect his family during a violent home invasion robbery is
5:54 am
talking to nbc bay area from his hospital bed. his mother was killed during the robbery. he was injured and still recovering from a gunshot wound. the 46-year-old says he woke up friday morning around 4:00 a.m. and found a man inside his house. they fought. when he heard gunshots all he could think about was protecting his wife, kids and his mother. kumar's mom was visiting from fiji. he works at berkeley high school. the school has now set audiotape fund for his family so they can make ends meet while he cannot be at work. richmond police dov a suspect in custody but they say this is still an active investigation. what a tragic story. a trip to southern california ended with a trip to the emergency room and major surgery for san francisco's archbishop. head of the archdioce of san francisco recovering from double bypass heart surgery. he was on vacation when he got chest pains and went to the er at a long beach hospital sunday night. doctors recommended surgery the next day.
5:55 am
they say the recovery is going well. we're happy to hear that. the 75-year-old oversee the church in san francisco, marin and san mateo counties. laura. >> thanks so much, jon. scott talking about hp killing its line of tablet computers because they wouldn't sell now bringing them back. >> you can't make this up. the reason they started selling so well the company reduced the price from $500 and $99 then they started flying off the store shechls. they will start the factories back up for a limited run to make touch pads. it's estimated it costs hp $200, $200 in losses for every $99 touch pad it makes. laura, how is it going to make all that money? volume. all joking aside. good news for touch pad users. people who own one are more likely to have apps because more people might make an app for it.
5:56 am
a neat idea from flickr, geo fencing pictures. you may know when you take a picture in many cases the location uploaded as part of the data. flickr will allow you to draw boundaries on a map f this picture was taken in this place, don't share it with the general public, only family. isn't that cool? for instance if you take a picture at an amusement park, it would tag great america. if you took a picture in your house it would not tag at all. >> unless you've want to see where people have been. >> you can determine not at my kid's school. don't provide the location of my kid's school. it's okay -- >> kind of like a smartphone. do that, too. jumping back to hp for just a second. they are not going to be able to support these tablets since they are not going to eventually -- >> they won't be able to support them, nobody is going to write apps for them, but they sold so well. it just doesn't make any sense
5:57 am
because they are losing money on every tablet. making more isn't going to save them money or make money. it's a bizarre decision. it really is. >> interesting. thanks for bringing the latest. 5:56. >> tablets will make great gifts for christmas. still to come on "today in the bay," san francisco mayoral candidates weigh in on what they would do to market street. why some say closing is the best option. plus two schools locked down in two days. oakland parents on the edge this morning. it's what the police say that might surprise you. details coming up in a live report. and aig rig and dumptruck in an accident near the bay bridge. those three things combined can't mean good news. i'll give you the latest coming up. .
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. new this morning, an amber alert is over. now that a 13-year-old girl is found safe. >


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